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What We Do

Ascension Entertainment Management is a full service artist management firm that will help your career from start to finish and every step inbetween.

Artistic Development
Professional Development

Show business is first and foremost a business. At Ascension we understand that artist management is much more than contract negotiations. It requires a solid business foundation. We will help you:

  • Set up your business structure

  • Obtain a Tax Identification Number for your business

  • Establish and monitor accounts to ensure timely collection of receivables and payments including federal and state taxes


We will also help you to:

  • Develop your business plan

  • Develop your:branding

  • Determine your target market and market segmentation

  • Develop a SWOT analysis to determine your strengths and weaknesses within your chosen genre


Talent is only a small part of a successful music career, it also takes exposure. Our goal at Ascension is to make you, the artist, appear as professional as possible by:

  • Developing a high quality EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

  • Producing enticing press releases

  • Securing personal appearances on both radio and television

  • Maintaining a web presence on booking sites such as Reverb Nation as well as social media  sites  such Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

  • Web monitoring all interest in you as an artist with Google Alerts and Buzz Bundle


Ascension Entertainment is not only interested in the financial aspects of an artist's career,  but is also interested in the artist as an individual.

Personal development covers activities that:

  • Improve awareness and identity

  • Develop talents and potential

  • Build human capital and facilitate employability

  • Enhance the quality of life

  • Contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations

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